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Incoming Body Corporate Management Changes – Stage Three

Feb 19, 2024 Body Corporate, Company News, News

Last year we highlighted and implemented some of the changes outlined in the Unit Titles (Strengthening Body Corporate Governance and other matters) Amendment Act 2022 under the first two of three stages.These included changes to the disclosure regime, committee meetings, individualised bank accounts and areas concerning conflicts of interest and codes of conduct.The last stage...Read More→

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The new Government’s plans for Real Estate Investment

Feb 19, 2024 Company News, News

The new government has rolled out their 100-day action plan, but property owners and those in the property industry will be looking beyond the initial 100 days to see what proposed legislation changes will affect the industry. Let’s review some changes that may be on the horizon.1.Interest DeductibilityInterest was not deductible for residential property acquired...Read More→

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apm Client Newsletter – February 2024

Feb 16, 2024 Uncategorized

In this edition we discuss:From Bill – This year’s going to be better than last year!A Word from Howard – The new Government’s plans for Real Estate InvestmentResidential Property Management – Why Over 2,300 Landlords Trust Us With Their PropertiesBody Corporate Management – Incoming Body Corporate Management Changes – Stage ThreeCommercial Property Management – Facilities Management for...Read More→

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Facilities Management for Your Property

Feb 15, 2024 Body Corporate, Commercial, News

In today’s dynamic property industry, maintaining operational efficiency and enhancing tenant satisfaction are paramount for property owners and managers. At apm, we specialise in providing comprehensive facilities management services tailored to meet the diverse needs of property portfolios. Facilities management is a service offered to both commercial properties and body corporates.Why Choose Us?Customised Solutions: We...Read More→

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apm Client Newsletter – December 2023

Dec 14, 2023 Company News, News, Newsletter

In this edition we discuss:From Bill – Next year’s going to be better than this year!A Word from Howard – Making Property Decisions Easier with the Help of Professional Rental ManagersResidential Property Management – What’s Proposed for the Property Industry?Body Corporate Management – Body Corporate Department Wrap Up for 2023Commercial Property Management – Health and Safety Responsibilities...Read More→

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Making Property Decisions Easier With The Help of Professional Rental Managers

Dec 13, 2023 Company News, News, Newsletter, Property Management

In my experience, when decisions have to be made it’s important to consider all implications carefully so that any action you take does not impact adversely on later activities.We all do this process in our everyday lives such as knowing side effects before taking any medication, decision making while driving a car, deciding education for...Read More→

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Body Corporate Department Wrap Up for 2023

Dec 12, 2023 Body Corporate, Company News, News

2023 has been a challenging year all round. We got off on the back foot with the Auckland Anniversary Floods quickly followed by Cyclone Gabrielle in February. The insurance industry was overwhelmed with the quantity of claims. Assessors and Loss adjustors were flown in from other countries to work through the backlog and when they...Read More→

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What’s Proposed for the Property Industry?

Dec 11, 2023 Company News, News, Property Management

As we move into a new year with a new government, no doubt we are all waiting with bated breath to see if election promises morph into real changes that will affect the property market for all of us. What did the new government propose? The five proposed changes that caught my eye are:Restore loan interest deductibility...Read More→

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Health & Safety Responsibilities for Commercial Properties

Dec 07, 2023 Commercial, Company News, News

Health and Safety compliance management is one of the most important tasks in Commercial Property Management for everyone involved because if it’s not done correctly the consequences can be extremely serious. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 all parties including Landlords, Property Managers, Tenants and Contractors are considered to be PCBUs (Person...Read More→

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5 Things Not to Plug into a Multi Power Board

Nov 30, 2023 Property Management

Power boards/strips or multi power boxes are a handy tool to have in the home, especially in areas of a house that need lots of electronics but there are fewer power outlets available. They are a portable device that has multiple sockets so more than one thing can be plugged in at a time.Did you...Read More→

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