Commercial Services

“Our team can provide a full range of Commercial Property Management services, maintaining total flexibility so we can tailor our services to suit your needs.”

Tenant Selection

We help select the best tenants for your property and establish and maintain high quality tenant relationships to encourage longer term leasing.

Lease Renewal & Rent Review

apm adopts a proactive approach to lease expiration. We discuss upcoming lease end dates with tenants and can negotiate terms up to six months in advance dependent on owners’ requirements. Our aim is 100% occupancy to focus on your positive return.

Arrears Collection

Our apm Commercial Management team has an excellent track record of collecting tenant arrears. We do this from our knowledge and understanding of managing a Commercial Lease.

Building & Facilities Management

From getting your property’s windows cleaned through to managing its Building Warrant of Fitness & Fire Protection.

Utility Contracts

With our solid connections in supply industries, apm can also offer to negotiate the best power and cleaning costs for the whole building or the wider building complex.

Trade Contractor Management

We can ensure that maintenance contracts such as cleaning and rubbish collection are expertly negotiated and in place to provide the most cost effective price for the service provided. We also ensure there is the required Insurance cover.

Financial Performance Check

We check all invoices carefully prior to payment to ensure they are correct and that the time taken is standard for the job completed.

Operational Expense Budgeting – OPEX

apm focus on reducing operational expenses to reduce rent review resistance from tenants, and to reduce owner costs, while at the same time maintaining the integrity and value of the asset.

Capital Project Expense Budgeting – CAPEX

apm focuses on delivering best outcome capital projects. We negotiate with the best contractors to achieve timely delivery of your capital project within budget.

Health & Safety Regulation

Our industry experience allows us to keep up with legislative changes the Commercial Property industry undergoes. Your risk of health and safety related liability will be minimised.

Industry Leading Accounting Software

Our excellent management software allows for tailoring the management needs according to your requests, providing accurate and efficient management of your property.

Trust Account

apm maintain a fully audited trust account.

Management Fee Collected Under OPEX

Due to our software being so very adaptable, we are able to tailor the setup of your property where management fees are collected from the Tenants OPEX payments rather than from your rent. This allows us to make sure your rent earnings are allocated towards the profit from your investment.

Monthly Financial Performance Report

We provide you with complimentary monthly accounting of how your commercial property performed. This will show you exactly where your property is heading and when you know how much rent money you will receive every month, you will be able to plan your ideas and future projects for your property with confidence.


Our Commercial Property Managers conduct regular property inspections.

What does these all mean?

With apm Commercial Services, we will manage your property to protect and grow your assets. From shopping malls, multi storied & multi-use buildings to suburban shops, and professional offices – we can manage them all!

As a member of NZ Realtors Network Ltd your professional contacts may include 

  • Leasing Agents
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Valuers
  • Compliance contractors
  • Trades Services

Let’s remove the risk of financial loss with our tailored Commercial Management focused on providing a positive return. Give us a call today on: (09) 638 2500 Or, simply fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch.