Client Login - BC

With our Client Logins we have made it easier for our clients to access information about their complex online at any time, no matter where in the world they are.

Webpages (Specific to your Body Corporate, Cross Lease or Residents’ Association Inc)

We offer a service allowing clients to have their own page on our website, containing important information that relates directly to their Body Corporate, Cross Lease or Residents’ Association Inc. This includes Meeting Minutes, Rules, Insurance details and much more, login via the Webpages Login button below.

Owners Portal Login (Specific to Individual Unit)

Body Corporate/Residents Association/Cross Lease clients will find real-time information relating directly to them and their property, such as Income & Expenditure reports, the Balance Sheet and their Current Owner Account, plus much more. Additional reports are also available for members of the Executive Committee.

If you have forgotton your Access Code or Password for the Owner’s Portal, please click on the Owner’s Portal Login button and Click n the ‘Forgot password and/or access code’ Link