Financial Management

“Successful management of your commercial property means that your property is risk free and its return to you is positive.”

A positive return is achieved by implementing strategic planning and lateral thinking, when managing the finances of your commercial property. Our expert commercial property managers have the required knowledge and skills to structure your commercial property to perform at its financial best.

Our services extend from assuring your rent is at market value, creating a sustainable budget for your property expenses and carefully planning the cash flow.

Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind by removing your financial management risks and helping you tailor the financial strategy for your property in line with your investment plans.

What you will receive when your property is managed by us:

  • Timely market and CPI rent reviews

  • A budget for all your property operational expenses (OPEX)

  • Budget for any capital expenses (CAPEX) Cash flow planning

  • A monthly financial progress report Cloud based owner portal