Sophia Lin

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P: 09 638 2544
E: [email protected]

Sophia Lin

Property Management Accounts Manager – 行政管理

Sophia joined apm in December 2018 as one of our Property Management Administrator and in August 2019 Sophia had promoted as Property Management Accounts Manager. Sophia has strong financial qualifications with a Master’s degree in Professional Accountancy and Finance from Massey University and another Master’s degree in Economics from China, which laid very solid foundations for her to step into the workforce.

Prior to entering the property management industry, Sophia spent 10 years in numerous banking roles, dealing with account services, trade bills settlement, credit administration, and financial reporting. She has a reputation for her great work ethic, attention to detail, and being a fast learner. Sophia’s extensive professional experience and can-do attitude make her a valuable member of the team.

A proud mother who is keen to grow up with her boy, Sophia spends her downtime with family taking part in their favourite sports include hiking, camping, and rock climbing.

apm Best Supporting Role of the Year, 2023 – Finalist



Sophia获得梅西大学(Massey University)的会计与金融硕士学位,拥有扎实的财务知识背景, 曾在中国的一家银行工作多年,具备丰富的财务金融经验, 做事认真负责、积极进取的她既能独当一面,又非常善于沟通合作, 会讲流利的中英文和闽南语。