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Suzie Qin

Property Manager

Suzie discovered her love for New Zealand while living in Tairāwhiti /Gisborne ‘The First city to see the sun’. Suzie enjoyed living there while studying an English course and New Zealand Diploma in Business. Once Suzie obtained her qualifications she moved to Hamilton and worked as a Finance Consultant for three years. During this time Suzie upskilled her knowledge in planning and efficiently managing relationships with her clients, so she can work professionally and to a high standard.

As a knowledge seeker, Suzie undertook further study and completed a Bachelor of Human Resource Management and Finance at Waikato University. She enjoyed every minute of it.

Having owned her own successful business since 2019, Suzie understands the importance of excellent time management, relationship skills and dedication to the job at hand. These attributes all combine to ensure she is highly successful in a challenging property management industry.

Suzie is described by friends has having a sense of humour that can define her personality, and that she is very easy to communicate with and truly takes care of everybody.

Suzie 刚到新西兰的时候居住在“第一个看到太阳的城市” 泰拉维蒂/吉斯本,在此她 慢慢产生了对新西兰的热爱.  Suzie一边学习英语课程和新西兰商业文凭,一边享受在那里的生活。她获得文凭后搬到汉密尔顿,担任财务顾问三年,在此期间,Suzie 提高了她在规划和有效管理客户关系方面的知识,以便她能够专业、高标准地工作。

作为一名求知者,Suzie 继续深造,并在怀卡托大学获得了人力资源管理和财务学士学位。她享受其中的每一分钟。

自 2019 年以来,Suzie 拥有了自己的成功企业,她深深的体会到出色的时间管理、人际关系技巧和奉献精神的重要性。只有这些特质结合在一起,才能提高各个领域的成功几率,包物业管理行业。



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